Advanced Veterinary Care Group utilizes digital imaging to provide highly diagnostic digital images for your family Veterinarian to completely evaluate your pet’s overall health. AVCG can produce excellent images for diagnosis of specific conditions. A board certified radiologist will be used via telemedicine to interpret the images and provide your Veterinarian with the information necessary to achieve an optimal medical outcome.

idexxOur digital imaging system and portable X-ray unit allows AVCG the flexibility to take intra-operative radiographs without breaking sterile field. This minimizes chances for infections and contamination of surgical sites unlike when an animal is transported to the radiology suite. We believe this should be the standard for all orthopedic surgeries requiring imaging as part of the surgical procedure.

IDEXX-CR™ 1417 Technology
Digital Radiography System for companion animals

Computed Radiography

Computed radiography (CR), the technology used in the IDEXX-CR™ 1417 System, uses a flexible plate, coated with a photostimulable phosphor (PSP), that is enclosed in a cassette to generate the digital image. The cassette functions similarly to conventional film-screen systems in that they can be used in existing x-ray machines, both table-top and Bucky tray, and in portable x-ray configurations.

When an x-ray is taken, the phosphor plate absorbs the light energy and holds it as a latent image. The cassette is then removed from the x-ray table and inserted into a scanner where the interior phosphor plate is mechanically removed from the cassette, and scanned by a laser. The laser transfers the trapped photon energy into an image that is digitized and stored electronically. After the electronic image is processed, the phosphor plate is automatically erased by exposure to bright white light before reinsertion into the cassette. The entire process takes less than 60 seconds.