Diagnostic Imaging Services

Ultrasound Services

  • Abdominal or Thoracic —-[Includes Boarded Radiologist Interpretation]
  • Abdominal Single System
    • Available with Boarded Radiologist Interpretation for an additional fee
    • With U/S Guided Biopsy or Fine Needle Aspirate (Includes cytology or histopathology results)

Radiology Services

  • Complete Series Digital Radiographs – Includes Specialist Interpretation
    • Sedation available if necessary
  • Gastrointestinal Contrast Studies (Barium Series)
    • with Boarded Radiologist Interpretation
  • Renal Contrast Studies (IVP)
    • with Boarded Radiologist Interpretation


Orthopedic Procedures

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Repair

  • Lateral Fabellar Suture (MRIT)
  • Plated Repair: Tibial Tuberosity Advancement – Rapid (TTA-R)

Fracture Repair

  • Avulsion Fractures
  • Limb Fractures

avcg-orthopedicPatellar Luxation Repair
Femoral Head and Neck Ostectomy
Humeral Condylar Fracture
Hardware Removal


  • Forelimb
  • Hindlimb
  • Digit
  • Tail

Joint Arthrodesis
Bone Biopsy
Bone Marrow Aspirate
Infraspinatus Muscle Contracture Release
Joint Tap with Cytology

Joint Dysplasia Surgery

  • OCD of Shoulder
  • Ununited Anconeal Process Removal
  • Fragmented Medial Coronoid Process Removal

Lateral/Spoon Splint Application
Fiberglass Cast Application

Soft Tissue Procedures

General Surgeries

Abdominal Exploratory Laparotomy

  • Additional biopsy fees may apply due to recent increases in lab costs.

CO2 Laser Mass Ablation, Skin
Mass Removal – External
Liver Lobectomy
Anal Saculectomy
Anal Saculectomy with Mass Removal and Histopathology
Biopsy Procedures
Cesarian Section
Pyometra Removal
Facial Fold Excision
Salivary Mucocele Repair
Ranula Repair
Tail Fold Excision
Insulinoma Removal

Hernia Repair

  • Diaphragmatic
  • Pericardial-Diaphragmatic
  • Inguinal
  • Perineal

Portosytemic Shunt Ligation


Electrocardiography with Specialist Interpretation (Routine Consult – 24 Hour Turnaround)
Stat ECG Consult (Stat consult within 1 hour)
Pericardiocentesis (Ultrasound Guided)

  • (Does not include Echocardiogram)

Patent Ductus Arteriosis Ligation
Persistent Right Aortic Arch Ligation



Ear Surgeries

Auricular Tumor Removal- Horizontal or Vertical Canal
Polyp Removal – Nasal/Auricular
Polyp Removal w/Ventral Bulla Osteotomy
Total Ear Canal Ablation +/- Bulla Osteotomy

Gastrointestinal Procedures

Intestinal Resection and Anastomosis
Gastropexy, Prophylactic
Gall Bladder Surgery
Prolapsed Rectum Repair
Pyloric Stenosis/Mucosal Hypertrophy Repair
Rectal Neoplasia Removal
Subtotal Colectomy
Gastric/PEG Feeding Tube
Thoracotomy w/Esophageal Mass or FB Removal

Ocular Procedures

Prolapsed Tarsal Gland Pexy (Cherry Eye Tacking)
Ectropion, Bilateral
Entropion, Bilateral
Grid Keratotomy
Distichiasis (CO2 Laser Ablation)

Renal System Procedures

Bladder Mass Resection
Ectopic Ureter
Perineal Urethrostomy (Feline)
Urethrostomy/Urethrotomy (Canine)
Urethral Prolapse Repair

Respiratory Procedures

Laryngeal Tie Back (LarPar)
Bronchoalveolar Lavage with Cytology and Culture/Sensitivity
Transtracheal Wash with Cytology and Culture/Sensitivity
Thoracotomy w/Tracheal Mass or FB Removal
Nasal Oxygen Tube
Soft Palate Resection (CO2 Laser)
Stenotic Nares (CO2 Laser)
Thoracic Exploratory
Thoracic Mass Removal
Thoracocentesis with Cytology and Culture/Sensitivity
Tracheal Mass Removal and Anastomosis (Extrathoracic)
Collapsing Trachea Repair/Stenting (Extrathoracic)
Tracheostomy (Extrathoracic)

Routine Procedures

Canine OHE
Feline OHE
Canine OE
Canine Cryptorchid
Feline OE
Feline Cryptorchid

Laboratory Services

PreSurgical Bloodwork

Included w/ Surgery:

  • Clotting Profile
  • Electrolyte Panel
  • Blood Gas (venous)

Spinal Tap with Cytology and Culture/Sensitivity
Overnight Hospital Care (Attended care with LVT)


Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy Services

Provided by Dr. Steven Zinderman

comfort care rehab services

Initial Consultation (single affected sites) 1 hr
Quality of Life Assessment


Single rehab session (single site) 50 min
Buy 6 visits
Buy 10 visits


Single hydrotherapy session
Buy 10 visits

Laser/Hydro Combined Therapy

Single session (single site)
Buy 6 visits
Buy 10 visits

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

Dry needle therapy session
Dry needle therapy with sedation

Weight Management

Weight loss evaluation
Chub Club™/Senior fitness visit
Chub Club™/10 visit Senior fitness package

24 hour notice is required to cancel a Rehabilitation appointment. Missed appointments will be charged.

Animal Behavior Services

Provided by Dr. Kati Wrubel

Behavior Consultation for Dog, Cat or Parrot
Behavior Recheck Appointment