I can’t even express how amazingly WONDERFUL Dr Larson, Shannon and Bethenny were to my kitty cat Dante. They fit him in for major surgery – a FHO – which he desperately needed, 2 days after I called. They treated him like I would – with such love and care – upon drop off, during and after his procedure, which I was immensely grateful for. I loved meeting with Shannon upon picking him back up as she was a wealth of knowledge who TRULY loves cats (she has 9 of her own!). She gave me expert instruction on his post-surgery care and answered ALL of my questions, and there were quite a few! They also accept Care Credit which was a saviour for us as we didn’t anticipate having to do something like this. We now have 36 months to pay off the surgery with zero interest which is another blessing in itself.

I’d highly recommend this clinic to anyone who has to have surgery – especially a complex one – done on their furry family member. This type of thing is never easy – on the pet and their loved ones. And the staff truly turned this experience into as much of a positive experience as it could’ve been.

Thank you so much Shannon, Dr Larson and Bethenny!!! You took such fantastic care of my sweet boy & that in itself is PRICELESS!!!!
Vesna Prepolec, August 2016

I am incredibly thankful for Advanced Veterinary Care Group. They are affordable, caring and compassionate. When our beloved dog needed surgery, they were able to get us on in the same day. The staff was fantastic.
Rebecca Schuiling, November 2015

My little girl Rosie Roo broke her leg last week and had surgery here yesterday. Dr. Elmer was fantastic, he took such good care of my puppy. The whole staff is amazing, I will be raving about this place for years to come.
Brigitte LaFevre, September 2015

My dog, Belle was in pain and limping. Our primary vet didn’t have the capability to fully diagnose her problem. Advanced Veterinary Care Group was recommended and we were not disappointed. The ENTIRE staff is caring, loving AND capable. I do not remember being treated this well, and I mean the entire staff, by any health care facility that I went to for myself. Belle’s prognosis did not bode well for her, she has cancer and a femur that has degenerated beyond any hope of repair. With the help of Advanced we felt much more comfortable with our decision of making her comfortable until her one last trip to our vet. Advanced was very patient with ALL of our questions, willingly discussed ALL of our options and did not push any particular option. Also, I want to talk about the charge. I found them to VERY reasonable.”
Christopher G., March 2015

This is by far one of the most amazing facilities and staff.  Every question and concern has always been answered.  They have done everything to get my dog out of depression and pain.  We are on the 2nd knee surgery by fault of a new house with a ton of stairs!! and will be on the 2nd round of physical therapy offered here as well.  I can’t say enough about the knowledge and compassion these people feel towards my dog and situation.  I only wish they were available as regular veterinarians and not just surgeons.  I would highly recommend anyone looking or needing to check them out.
Rachel C., September 2016


Advanced Veterinary Care Group saved my cat’s life. Due to tight financial means, it almost wasn’t possible to give my baby, Charlie, the surgery he needed– a perineal urethrostomy. AVCG quoted us 1/4 the price of all other veterinarian clinics in the area. I called 25 places, about 7 actually performed the surgery but were outrageously priced, and 2 of them were decently priced, but still AVCG took the cake…

From the very moment I called, their head Tech, Shannon, was a God send. She’s the most outgoing, understanding, compassionate woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She squeezed my baby in the very next morning for surgery, and went over every detail with us. She treated us like family. She made sure Charlie had the best care possible, went above and beyond her job title, and even gave Charlie a bath so he didn’t smell like urine (he had been catheterized twice in the last week and unfortunately smelled pretty bad ). She is AMAZING.

I’m truly disappointed they only perform surgical procedures, because I would love to take Charlie here for the rest of his life!

Dr. Larsen is very good at what he does, and performed Charlie’s surgery using laser technology which minimized bleeding, bruises and much more, as opposed to other vets that uses scalpels. Charlie is home and safe with a long life ahead of him thanks to the staff and doctors at AVCG. I couldn’t thank them enough for their compassion and affordable surgical prices.

Thank you thank you thank you. The world needs more doctors that are in it for the medicine and NOT ONLY the money!!”
Jaycie Lynn, August 2016

I took Pepe to get his stitches out today and to get results of the mass that over took his right kidney. The mass was 99.9 percent benign …so happy. I would recommend Advanced Veterinary Care Group in Canton to anyone that has a fur baby that needs surgery. They charged half what another group would have charged. The office was spotless, the staff was so helpful in explaining everything and made me and Pepe feel at ease. Making Pepe feel comfortable was their main concern. They called a number of times in the day and a half that he was there , keeping me informed on how he was doing. I am so grateful to the Surgeons and staff for taking such good care of my baby ! I can not thank them enough!! Highly recommend.
Betty Castillo, June 2016